Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June Summary

I had good intentions of writing a detailed summary for June, but alas time is against me so I'll stick to the basics.

I took a bit of a kicking on PokerStars in June, despite having a few big winning sessions. These were balanced out by some equally big losing sessions, and some losses at the more 'recreational' Razz and HORSE tables.

Fortunately iPoker came to my rescue towards the end of the month and I managed to notch up a couple of hundred profit for the month.

There are still people playing $100 buy-in tables on iPoker with stats like 85%/20%.

It boggles the mind! Just be prepared to occasionally get stacked by some *sick* outdraws. It's +EV in the long term.

If you want to play on iPoker, there's no better place than BlondePoker - with their (ahem) 30% loyalty scheme paid monthly into your account.

I managed to get some good time in at the gym during my holiday then gave up all the good work as soon as I started my new job - which necessitates a slightly earlier start in the morning.

Resolution for July - work out a more productive timetable for my non-working hours...

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