Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Donkeys. Muppets. Morons. Fish.

Call them what you will. We should love them but sometimes, despite our better judgement, we just can't help but hate them.

Last night I lost some of the most ridiculous hands. I got kings, and lost; queens, and lost; kings (again), and lost.

Every time, I raised pre-flop. Every time, I bet the flop. Every time, I got sucked out on.

Donkeys. Muppets. Morons. Fish. I LOVE them!!

Two hours, $448 profit. Despite all of the above, the Poker Tracker stats stayed green, as a succession of imbeciles queued up to donate to the Div Vegas Fund.

I'm torn to pick a favourite hand of the night between the guy who decided to call a pre-flop raise with 97 and bet every street from a 755 flop - moving all-in on the river - when I was holding 55 (Quads bitches!), and the guy who played K3 on a KK2 flop like it was the mortal nuts. I had 22.

One of those nights when poker really is as much fun as it should always be.

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