Sunday, July 15, 2007


What a week. The variance monster has been in full effect and the bankroll stats have been up and down like a whore's knickers.

The iPoker no limit games can be a pretty wild place to reside.

I met a new favourite maniac on Saturday - 87%/65% at a $100 table. At one point he'd quadrupled through and the waiting list grew. When he eventually sat out at just above even, three players left the table.

One downside of multi-tabling iPoker is the relatively short decision time can make things a bit rushed when there are odd betting patterns to be evaluated.

That said, when someone limps KK and your 77 finds a K7x flop with two diamonds, it's bye-bye stack time no matter how much time there is to think. With these players anyway.

It's been interesting experimenting with different strategies.

I forced myself to play four tables tonight in a very passive pre-flop mode - the exact opposite of my usual cash game style - and got paid a few times when I hit.

I also had to throw away a few big pairs on distinctly unfavourable flops, but it's all good learning experience.

Always nice to have more than one string to the bow, as the saying goes.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Another word for Varience is a kick in the tickles doesn't it...haha!