Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Saturday Night Thoughts

JK Rowling should write more Harry Potter books.

K and I made a deal this week that she would do one of my housekeeping jobs, and in return I'd take care of E all Saturday. Thus enabling her to immerse herself in the final tome.

The result, I had a great time chasing the toddler around the local soft play area for most of the morning. Energy expended, she slept for hours this afternoon, and with K still ploughing her way through the book, I was free to hit the cash games for a few hours - and win. Everyone's happy! Thanks JK.

Thank the lord for Penelope and Monica Cruz!

I saw Mean Girls for the first time recently. Surprisingly funny it was too - until the wheels came off in the last 20 minutes as it descended into a schmaltz fest.

Previously I'd only actually known Lindsay Lohan for being a drunken cokehead, so it was interesting to see she actually has talent.

As a thirty six year old guy, there is a certain uneasiness that comes from watching a movie set in a school and thinking damn those girls look good. Mind you, Lindsay is seeing Calum Best so she obviously has an affinity for dodgy guys. So no harm done.

It's nice to have some more mature figures to populate my lustful imagination with. To quote from the article I linked to - 'together they have a combined sexual voltage that could overload the national grid'. Yes indeed - and to make things even better, Penelope is making a movie with Scarlett Johansson. Yum, yum!

Div kills two birds with one stone!

UK energy policy is a bit of a mess at present. The highest profile problem is environmental. I could write a whole post about issues of security of supply, but for now let's stick to the headline issue.

Another problem we have relates to law and order. The prisons are full. The authorities are releasing cons prematurely because there's nowhere to keep them.

Community service doesn't work. There's talk of bringing back a form of hard labour.

Fret no more politicians, for I have the answer. Giant hamster wheels. Let's get them hooked up to generators, and get those cons jogging.

Send them home at night too shattered for any nocturnal thieving, but let's not train them to sprint too fast.

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