Saturday, September 03, 2005

August Summary

Time for the book cooking to begin. That feels like a bad sign to me.

My spreadsheet shows a profit for August of $633. Yet, for those of you who actually read this humble blog and pay attention, you will know it wasn't that kind of month.

Most of the profit comes from my River Belle Casino exploits, as recommended by Grubby.

Strictly speaking, this isn't poker winnings, but I'm justifying it on the grounds the seed cash came from my online bankroll, and I'd never have known the casino existed without my poker exploits.

Plus, it just feels good to actually bank the first decent, by my standards, profit in a while. So there!

I've already said enough about how the cards went this month. One positive comment to balance all the bad beat whining - Pot Limit Omaha = fun, fun, fun.

After my previous failed experiment to add some additional dynamic content to the blog with live streaming of poker TV, I've embedded a couple of RSS feeds.

One poker related, from Full Tilt, and one providing up-to-date Glasgow Celtic news/speculation from The Scotsman newspaper.

The Full Tilt feed is another way of publishing their regular Prolessons emails. Unlike most mailshots, these emails are always a worthwhile read.

With so many reports of people quitting college or work to become 'poker pros', I'd particularly recommend Rafe Furst's last email, as a thought provoking read. For the first and only time, I wish I was called Betty!

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