Friday, September 02, 2005

Home Game Report - Quads and Rewards

Our home game reconvened last week for an all too rare session. Five handed at the outset.

In recognition of the recently completed WSOP, I managed to source a few bracelets to reward the victors. Unfortunately these were not of the gold and platinum variety, but the multi-coloured candy type.

The high point of game one was an all-in battle on the following board.

Dave's AQ being heavily outgunned by Rod's flopped QUAD kings. Normally you wouldn't expect someone holding AQ to be all-in on that board, but with the two most aggressive players in the game clashing, there was only going to be one outcome!

(NB I was on the opposite side to the dealer, so the card order is reversed.)

Taking possession of Dave's entire chip stack wasn't quite enough to propel Rod to victory, as yours truly managed to triumph and claim the first candy bracelet!

Playing only five handed, I was trying to loosen up my game a little, as I tend to be over tight in this scenario. There's no point being loose for the sake of looseness, so it was a case of picking the best spot and pushing hard.

What this translated to on the night, was getting my chips in first when I was on big draws. A flopped open ended straight being the prime example.

As it happened, my draws hit and I got all the chips. And the bracelet.

By game two we had picked up a straggler and were six handed. I was second out in this game, having been card dead and seen my chipstack slowly whittled down.

The hand started well, when I found JJ and was faced with a big early position raise by Pat. I figured this was the hand to make a stand on, so pushed, knowing that my diminished stack was likely to find at least one caller.

The action was folded back to Pat who simply had to call with 99. It was looking good for me, until the flop brought a third 9 and no jack.

This 4/1 shot set Pat off on a cruel sequence of outdraws. Dominated ace - kicker paired. Followed soon after by the winning hand, where Teacake was all-in with TPTK on a 6 high flop, only to see Pat's 54 hit a runner-runner straight. Ouch.

That was enough to see him earn a new nickname. Henceforth he shall be known as Triple-P (Party Poker Pat). Bitter. Me!?

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