Friday, September 16, 2005

New Orleans and Global Warming

Now the initial period of rescue and recovery is over, it's worth looking a bit deeper at the possible causes of this catastrophe.

As a starting point, may I suggest this article from The Independent newspaper.

The facts are mindblowing. Arctic ice coverage 18% below trend levels. A latest date for complete summer meltdown of 2070.

Does anyone think it's a good idea to rebuild a city below the current sea level?


TenMile said...


Without reading the article, it seems to be a good time to draw a Mendoza line and keep everything except critical industry to the North of Hwy 10.

JD said...

Some more articles on hurricanes to clear up the misconception of global warming and hurricanes.



and here.

Div said...


Interesting that you post to three articles by the same author, who, judging by his profile, is more an economics and tax lobbyist than a science or environmental expert.

Also interesting that you completely miss the point and talk about hurricanes, when I am in fact referring to the rise in sea level.

I note that you reside in Florida. Therefore you may be interested in the following National Geographic article, which includes a map of Florida after global warming has taken effect.

Div said...

Oops. A working link to that article ishere