Monday, September 19, 2005

Baby Update

I really need to get myself a delivery manager for this blog. It's starting to resemble some of the more painful IT projects I've worked on. Gradually slipping further and further behind.

Baby Div was christened the Sunday before last. We had a great, but very exhausting day. Unseasonably pleasant weather, a nice service, and a good little party afterwards.

A plentiful buffet and cheap bar for the adults. Cheesy music and unlimited E numbers for the kids.

The whole day was hectic, I think my beer at the party evaporated quicker than I drank it.

Baby Div was gratifyingly well behaved. Much to our relief. She's a feisty little character, but was on her best behaviour for the priest.

She even refrained from puking on her gown.

I'm certainly open to accusations of bias, but I thought she looked gorgeous.

Modern life is so hectic it needs something big like a birth or death to give me the chance to see some of my family and friends. Every time we get together, we vow it won't take another major event for us see each other again.

It never seems to work out that way.

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