Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is It The Weekend Already!?

Time flies when you don't have a moment to yourself.

I honestly thought it was Wednesday today, only to discover the weekend is almost upon us.

In my few spare moments I've been plugging away at Stud-8. It's a fun game, but takes a lot of effort.

Limit Hold Em I can play on autopilot whilst multitasking. Not Stud-8.

Anyone who thinks Stud variants are easy is severely deluded.

I'm itching to rattle off a let's all laugh at Rangers post, but don't have enough time to do it justice tonight.

One thing I will say regarding their deal with JJB - I DO NOT agree with the boycott which is being mooted.

I am HAPPY that a company has chosen to get into bed with Rangers without making a similar deal with Celtic.

For too long, the media has taken the easy approach of tarring Celtic and Rangers with the same 'Old Firm' brush.

Any commercial arrangement which differentiates Celtic from Rangers in the eyes of those less familiar with the Scottish arena is to be welcomed.

Celtic can only benefit in the long run from disassociation with Rangers, and their nasty mentality.

Interesting, is it not, that after much vague waffling from the Scottish press and politicians about ending 'Old Firm' bigotry, it needs a European body to take Rangers to task for the behaviour of their fans. Behaviour which has already been condoned by Rangers own 'safety chief'.

The same European body three years ago named Celtic fans, the best in Europe.

The difference in perception abroad is to be welcomed.

Celtic should take all possible steps to ensure the gap between themselves and Rangers is kept as wide as possible - and not just in league points!

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