Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Sense A Disturbance In The Force

Well, sense is maybe over egging it a little. More accurately, I read the signs.

This weeks fairly generous bonus offer from Empire - 40% to $200, 7x hands, but clear in 3 days - also included the phrase 'You will soon have access to 10 times more players on Empire Poker!'

So, Empire - and probably Intertops - players can look forward to a botched upgrade, betting on the colour of the flop, and blackjack anyday now.

I happen to have rakeback accounts with both Empire and Intertops so this is potentially good news, but unfortunately it's more likely that Party will do their usual number on the affiliates and cancel all the individual trackers.

What will be interesting is how they deal with all the multiple accounts on the merged database. I'll have three - all created perfectly legitimately - with the same email and Neteller details.

Will two be forcibly closed at random? Will I be asked to pick one to continue with? Or will they just ignore them?

The most interesting question is, how many players will be simultaneously active on the merged database?

With Stars moving ahead recently, and the WSOP looming into view, here's hoping for a juicy spring of bonuses and overlays.

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