Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Last summer, just after I became a dad, I posted a photo of my temporary office.

Today the scene was somewhat different!

Not so summery house

So, with a day at home guaranteed, I've been doing a little housekeeping on the blog.

I've removed some blogs which appear to have expired, and added yet more to the roll. I've also got plans to tidy the list up a bit.

Among the newcomers are some that will already be familiar to most people, and a few which are particularly deserving of a taste of trickledown blogonomics.

DPommo not only has an eye for a good hand, but he isn't shy about making his unedited opinions known on his blog. Exactly as it should be.

He plays big online games - and has already final tabled at EPT Dublin - but also posts about the bad days. (Sample quote: "I dropped £22,000 in the £25/£50 game, so somehow only lost £1000 playing £10/£20 this week.")

He seems to have a penchant for the rock star lifestyle, which probably helped bring him to the attention of his Virgin Poker sponsors. Good man!

TillerMaN was unknown to me until recently, but seems to be quite a star online. He is one of the new breed of players who migrated from online gaming to online poker.

There's an interesting interview with him here.

He is obviously a fast learner, since he played this week in the EPT Monte Carlo and made the second day.

What's more, he's another Glasgow blogger. There's a chance I might bump into him at the Blonde Bash next weekend.

When I started blogging, I thought I was the only Scottish poker blogger. Now there's a whole bunch of us.

As an aside to Matt Milne if he is reading, Matt be very afraid, I got one of my oddest ever search engine hits this week: "Matt Milne" sex

Sounds like someone is doing their research on you! Had a fight with the girlfriend recently? ;)

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Matt7184 said...

WTF LOL?!?!? hmm I'm scared but somewhat intrigued.

Thanks for the pimping on the site as you'll notice I've just added your link on my blog too.. Oh and thanks for pointing out grammatical errors on mine I appreciate it.