Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Wonders

OK, so I didn't get invited to The Playboy Mansion like these spawny bastards, but I did have a good weekend.

Tao of Poker
Bobby Bracelet
Joe Speaker

While the above were deciding that top pair was well worth a raise, and top two pair (or is that two top pairs?) definitely justified an all-in, I was playing a little Stud-8, and having a happy families weekend.

I'm still enjoying Stud-8, and still feeling I can play a little higher.

There's not much 'outplaying' edge at the low limits, since representing a hand is mostly pointless, as you will get called down by people who have caught something - even when you are representing a bigger hand.

The downside of this is you can't push people around, or benefit greatly from deceptive play; the upside is, you get paid when you have the goods.

The biggest edge is probably just having the capability to fold a lot of dross on 3rd street; followed by having the capacity to fold on 4th or 5th when opponents hit and I miss. Not rocket science.

The other edge I can see is a willingness to be aggressive with big draws or strong made hands. It's still surprising to me that many people don't raise even when they clearly have the best of it.

For example, a made low against two high hands should be hammering 5th - 7th streets, to maximise the pot they will split. Every so often they might even hit a lucky high, like a gutshot, and scoop.

Yet often they are content to call down.

On the happy families side, the little one has discovered crawling, as well as the delights of 'peekaboo'. It's such a fulfilling feeling to see her developing so quickly.

She's more than just a wee cute baby now, she's a little person with a mind of her own, and at the risk of overdosing on the saccharine, Mrs Div and I feel so lucky to have her.

She also seems to have a crush on one of the hunks in the 'Happy Baby' book, which bodes ill for the future.

That said, on Sunday we packed her off to her auntie's as it was Mothers Day, and Mrs Div was due a treat! Nothing too fancy, just a meal and a few drinks, but it was nice to get out together.

Mrs Div is now back at work part-time, and Gran and Grandad Div have taken on babysitting duties. So far all seems well, and they haven't asked for money yet!

Which is just as well, since I doubt I'd be funding childcare from my recent poker winnings.

Of course I jest. They'd be affronted if we tried to foist any cash on them. They both adore her, and their help and support is beyond value.

Which is a heck of a schmaltzy way to sign off a post on a 'poker blog', so I won't.

Instead I'll leave you with more wisdom of the wife.

Me: (Reading first reports from The Mansion, laughing)
Her: 'What's up?'
Me: 'Guess who the drunkest celebrity at the Playboy party was?'
Her: 'I don't know.'
Me: 'I'll give you a clue. It's a girl.'
Her: (Knowingly) 'Ah. Tara Reid.'

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