Saturday, April 01, 2006

March Summary

Another month of education taking priority over earning. Yet the fun factor was high, so I'm less bothered than I should be.

Stud-8 is an interesting and entertaining game to play. I think at the moment I prefer it to Omaha as a hi-lo game.

In Omaha it can be difficult to put people on a hand, as there's a tendency for some to make fairly impenetrable decisions. Whereas with several cards exposed, it can be a bit easier to put people on a high or low hand, and make a reasoned deduction as to where I stand.

On the down side, Stud variants take a lot more concentration than flop games, and multitabling is not a good idea. So, to make a significant impact on my bankroll - either positive or negative - I'd have to play at much higher fixed limits, or consider giving one of the Prima sites a whizz, as they offer big-bet Stud games.

Ahem, I think I'll set that idea aside for a little while yet...

One other reason I didn't play as much as I should have, was I got a little involved in a site redesign. Sure content is king, but it's nice to view it in a pleasing context.

Since I'm prone to fairly long posts, I felt an awful lot of scrolling was required to get through them. So, I'm going for a layout that makes better use of the whole screen.

It also leaves more space for me to squeeze in my nice card icons to illustrate hands.

I think I've managed to increase the screen utilisation without making it too cluttered, as you will see in a few days.

For April I'd originally contemplated trying another new game, but I'm not in the right frame of mind for that.

In the past week, I've been getting kinda fidgety and my raise finger has been getting very itchy.

Thus, it's back to the LHE tables this month. I hadn't used PokerTracker or PokerAce HUD for a few months, so I upgraded both and I'm ready to roll.

I see PokerAce HUD now charges $25 for the full version. Can't really argue with that, so the Neteller payment has been dispatched. Since Neteller peer-to-peer transfers are for a minimum of $30 (minus $1 fee) I've effectively tipped Josh $4 for all my free usage last year. Money well spent!

Whereas the last few months have been all about contemplation, hard thinking, and single tabling, this month I predict multitabling, number crunching, and machine gun aggression. A nice change of pace.

Finally I can't let March pass without mentioning the achievements of a few of the homegame regulars.

TeaCake and Dave are both tearing up the online MTTs right now. Dave has also been on a nice run at the cash tables.

Meanwhile Rod is not only sunning himself in the Bahamas, but has managed to satellite his way into a $1250 NLHE event at Crystal Sands Casino. Now that's what I call a holiday!

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