Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Still Here!

Blimey. Is that almost a week already?

Well, I do have a couple of valid reasons/excuses.

On the positive side, I lost Sunday to SPL title celebrations which entailed a sound thrashing of Killie, copious amounts of beer, and a traditional Scottish dinner of mixed pakora and chicken tandoori kebab.

Also on the positive side, I managed to get a couple of lengthy poker sessions in.

On the negative side, the lengthiest session was terrible. The other negative was one of the strangest 'injuries' I've ever received.

I'm planning to go over the poker separately, so let's stick to freak injuries for now...

Thursday night. Baby Div has now mastered crawling with a vengeance. In a week she went from 'oh look how cute she is trying to balance on her hands and knees' to 'bloody hell stop her, the front door is open!'.

Which is a nightmare when it comes to trying to get a nappy on her, but it's great fun to come back from work and play with her on the floor. Rolling around, pulling faces, making silly noises, and just generally enjoying life.

Until that is, she makes a bolt for freedom with me lunging after her, just as Mrs Div - sitting on the sofa - swings around in the opposite direction, her elbow connecting with laser precision and atomic timing, directly on the top of my head.

Which all sounds fairly innocuous, but the impact was phenomenal.

Being somewhat stroppy and occasionally mouthy, I've been in more than a few fights over the years. Ranging from playground battles through to the most recent fracas outside a Glasgow pub a few years ago.

Yet I can honestly say noone has landed a more effective shot on me than Mrs Div managed.

For about a minute I couldn't move, as shafts of piercing pain shot through my skull. Once my eyes had stopped watering, and the sharp pain subsided, I was left with a throbbing headache.

Two hours later Mrs Div was still rubbing her elbow and commenting on the residual pain. Which perhaps gives some indication how my head felt.

Next morning I still had a crashing headache, particularly down the left side, and both my eyes were slightly bloodshot. If I'd been suffering amnesia, I'd have been convinced someone had landed a perfect right hook to my left temple.

Work was hellish, as the headache didn't relent all day. Indeed it didn't entirely fade until Saturday evening, just in time to dissuade me from worries I'd had my skull fractured.

All from a single blow to the head 48 hours previously!

If Mrs Div is looking for a new career she might want to consider Ultimate Fighting. She seems to have the moves for it.

If only I could unleash her on some of the people I've run into on Crypto over the last few days, I might feel better. But that's for another post.

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