Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Morning Reflections

Not a great week on the poker front. Not an awful one either.

Running through the Poker Tracker stats reminds me why this can be such a frustrating game at times.

I've had some big hands hold up for big wins, and some big hands cracked for hefty losses.

Yet I can't complain. Most of the losers went down to perfectly legitimate draws, albeit some of the draws were born of highly dubious pre-flop calls.

Which despite the pain of the rivered winners, is a good situation to be in. Lots of money going in pre-flop when it's miles behind.

My mindset this week has been pretty good. I've even managed to dodge a few bullets that on other nights would have nailed me.

For example, twice in the space of an hour I ran JJ into AA.

On the first occasion the villain's play was so transparent I *knew* he'd flopped a set of Aces, and I folded on the flop. Someone else didn't and called the guy down to prove me correct.

On the second occasion I wasn't quite sure enough of his hand to put the Jacks down, but I was sure enough to check behind on the turn, thus saving(or is that earning?) two big bets from the missed check-raise attempt.

I'd like to be playing a whole lot more right now, as I'm definitely in the mood to put in the hours, but circumstances are conspiring against me.

Hopefully I'll get some time at the tables today.

Reviewing hand histories isn't something I was big on previously, but now I'm in the habit, I'm finding it very beneficial.

Not only from a learning perspective, but also for maintenance of equillibrium and sanity.

Taking a more detached view of proceedings when the adrenalin is no longer pumping, and my blood pressure is back to normal, is a great way of pushing setbacks aside and reaffirming my commitment to play better and win more at this infuriating, yet enthralling, game.

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