Saturday, April 22, 2006


Just a quickie to follow up my previous first impressions of Tribeca.

I don't indulge in full hand histories too often, but I wanted to illustrate the nature of these games. I also wanted to post a good Aces hand, since all too often we find ourselves bemoaning our bad luck when they get cracked.

I've annotated the hand with my thoughts at the time. I don't see how it could be played any differently, but I'm happy to be corrected if someone knows better.

On hand 3 of last night's session I put down Queens in a capped pre-flop pot, when the flop had an Ace. Correctly as it turned out, since another player had flopped a set of Aces and I was drawing dead.

Just as I was bemoaning my bad luck at running Queens into Aces this hand happened...

The Lady Killers 8161500-26552 Holdem Limit $1/$2
Hand Start.
Seat 1 : MP2 has $83.88
Seat 2 : MP3 has $99
Seat 3 : LP1 has $60.75
Seat 4 : Button has $999.58
Seat 5 : SB has $36.25
Seat 6 : Div(BB) has $47
Seat 7 : UTG has $9.75
Seat 8 : UTG+1 has $55.50
Seat 9 : MP1 has $62.25
Button is the dealer.
SB posted small blind.
Div posted big blind.
Game [26552] started with 9 players.
Dealing Hole Cards.
Seat 6 : Div has:

Div thinks: Wahoo!
UTG folded.
UTG+1 called $1
MP1 called $1
MP2 called $1
MP3 called $1
Div thinks: Bloody hell, somebody raise. I want to three-bet.
LP1 folded.
Button folded.
SB called $0.50
Div thinks: Crap.
Div raised $1
UTG+1 called $1
MP1 called $1
MP2 called $1 and raised $1
Div thinks: Wahoo x 2
MP3 called $2
SB called $2
Div called $1 and raised $1
UTG+1 called $2
MP1 called $2
MP2 called $1
MP3 called $1
SB called $1
(24 SB)
Dealing flop.
Board cards:

SB checked.
Div thinks: Hmmm, a real drawing board, though I do have the Ace of Clubs. I'll protect my hand with a cunning check-raise of MP2 who surely must bet.
Div checked.
UTG+1 checked.
MP1 checked.
MP2 bet $1
MP3 folded.
SB folded.
Div called $1 and raised $1
UTG+1 called $2
MP1 called $2
MP2 called $1
Div thinks: So much for protecting my hand!
(32 SB)
Dealing turn.
Board cards:


Div thinks: Excellent
Div bet $2
UTG+1 called $2
MP1 called $2
MP2 called $2
(20 BB)
Dealing river.
Board cards:


Div thinks: Hmmm, a good bad card. If someone has been calling down with 54s or the like, I may cry, but I was starting to fear QT so this is likely a good card. Value bet!
Div bet $2
UTG+1 folded.
MP1 called $2
MP2 called $2
(23 BB)
Seat 6 : Div has Ah Ad
Seat 6 : Div has Ah Ad
Div has Two Pair: Aces and 4s
Div wins $45 with Two Pair: Aces and 4s
Div thinks: Wahoo x 3. But I wish Tribeca showed the losing hands.
Hand is over.

I did say Tribeca seemed to be an action site!

Did you notice Seat 4s stack?

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