Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On The Up

A few good things happened last night.

I went to the gym. AA held up. QQ held up. TT out-raced AK.

If some poker guru can prove a causal link between gym attendance and good hands holding up, I could end up very, very fit!

On the downside, I discovered kissing the baby hello immediately after returning from work is not such a good idea when the baby has buttery fingers, and I'm wearing one of my favourite pale blue silk ties.

Not so much kiss-for-daddy, as tie-a-grabby. It's not looking good for the tie at present.

Other good news yesterday was Mrs Div booking a girly break to New York with her sister.

Which will leave me holding the baby for a few days in September but present me with a travel slot of my own later in the year.

Nothing set in stone yet, but I do have a tentative plan...

1 comment:

Joe Speaker said...

Heh. What tentative plan could that be?

Nothing puts me on tilt faster than a stained tie.