Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happiness Is...

Happiness Is: Getting 4 bets in pre-flop with AA v KTs
Despair Is: K on flop, T on turn

Happiness Is: Raising QQ into a shoal of limpers and hitting a set on the turn
Despair Is: T4s making a straight on the river

Happiness Is: Raising JJ into another shoal of limpers
Despair Is: Not this time! Sometimes the best starting hand actually wins.

Last night was super annoying.

Not least because much as I lost again due almost entirely to big hands not holding up, I couldn't really complain about the draws that hit.

Although what the guy who 3-bet my pre-flop raise with KTs from the SB was thinking, I do not know. There were already about four limpers so it was hardly likely to be a button steal. Damn, that was a big pot to lose.

Really though, I'm still feeling pretty optimistic. I played better last night than I did on Saturday, and the tables seem as good on a school night as they do on a weekend.

All I need is a little bit of statistical balance to be restored and it will be all systems go.

Like Robert the Bruce's spider, I'll just need to try, try, and try again.

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