Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Woes

Saturday night was not a good night. I took an absolute pounding on the LHE tables.

Sunday morning is usually my day for an early rise to feed the baby, and
keep her entertained while Mrs Div gets the chance for a well deserved rest.

Once baby was fed, and put back down for a nap, as per her normal routine, I took the opportunity to go over my Poker Tracker records from the nightmarish evening before.

Reliving a few of the more brutal hands was a painful experience, but I felt better by the end since there was no evidence of tilt, and I did find a leak to work on.

Big pocket pairs were scarce - pocket Aces non-existent - and when they did appear invariably fell victim to some 3/1 shot where A-rag, KJo, Kxs, etc. called 2 or 3 bets cold and made their bigger pair.

AKo was a big loser - going 0 for 5 at one point. Either I missed completely, or caught but went down to a straight or flush on the turn or river.

The leak I think needs plugging is one which stems from something SSHE
advocates, and which I tend to agree with, but have been overdoing recently - that is, calling down in big pots, when it appears I am beaten.

There were numerous hands where several players saw a flop after I'd got 3 or 4 bets in pre-flop with AK, QQ, JJ, etc. only for it to seem by the turn that I was probably behind.

In my early LHE days, I probably folded a few too many hands to turn bets which were either bluff or semi-bluffs - for example someone betting with the bare Ace of diamonds on a 3-diamond board.

Now I think I'm doing the opposite - paying off 2-big bets on turn and river when the other guy really did make the straight or flush on the turn.

That's something I can eliminate by paying better attention to the habits of my opponents, so I'll be working on it over the next few sessions.

I don't think there is any way I could have turned Saturday into a winning day, but I could certainly have kept the losses smaller.

The pattern recently has been to post 3 or 4 successive modest winning sessions, only to give back 70% of the winnings in one big losing session.
That's a bad habit to get into. A bet saved, being a bet earned, as the
saying goes.

Sunday afternoon was the final Celtic v Rangers game of the season, and as turgid a 90 minutes as it's been my misfortune to witness in a while.

Whereas the Celtic players have an excuse - having wrapped up the league before Easter - the Rangers team merely succeeded in strengthening their reputation as overpaid, underachieving losers.

With Hearts dropping 3-points on Saturday I expected them to go all out for a victory. Instead they seemed relieved not to be beaten. Strange days indeed!

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