Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Full Tilt Fun

An email from Full Tilt came along this week. It promised $100 cash for accruing a mere 300 Full Tilt Points. No deposit needed, and only a few hours play to clear.

Fortuitous timing, as I slip back into grind mode.

For the last couple of nights I've fired up a few $1/2 LHE tables and battered my way through. My aggression factor has been high, and I've been winning a lot of small pots without showdowns, and big pots when I've had the goods.

There's been the usual tomfoolery and variance. Last night one guy cracked KK on two successive hands with A2 and A5, before himself getting dealt AA on the third hand and having it stand up. No justice in the (short term) world!

Tonight I cleared the 300th point 3-tabling with session figures of:

+$82, +$16, -$41

How can this be so? Almost wiped out on one table, yet almost tripled through on another. Perhaps this will explain.

They held up this time

You gotta love online poker. Remember Miller et al on cold calling?

These calls are terrible and cost your opponents lots of money over the long-term.

Equally note the BB folding for 1 bet when getting 11/1 to call.

One of the things I've noticed the last few days is much as I've been sucked out on several times, I've been the sucker as opposed to suckee on multiple occasions too.

Most notably cracking AA with AK (kings on flop and turn), and AK with AJ (rivered 2-pair).

So many people just don't play aggressively enough. The don't reraise AK pre-flop, and only call down when they catch the Ace. They bet then only call the reraise with AA on a K-high flop. They make it cheap to suck out, then lamely bemoan my fishiness.

In contrast, anyone who wants to draw out on me better be prepared to pay! Though of course expensive mistakes can be made.

Such as, AQ raise pre-flop, button smooth call, Q-high flop, bet and called by buttons AA. He did finally get a raise in on the turn but I was too committed by then. Whoops.

I didn't have much cash on Full Tilt, but I've got some more now! Having not played LHE since last year, I'm quite happy with my reintroduction.


Joe Speaker said...

Too often lately, I've been running into passive play and reading it to mean I'm ahead. I mean, if they're simply gonna call bets with a paired big ace on a draw-heavy board, how can I put them on said Big Ace instead of a draw, which their play seems to indicate?

That IS the question.

I might be headed your way in the beginning of June after all, Div. I'll keep you posted. I do know that if I do make the trip, I wouldn't mind watching England's WC opener in your neighborhood pub. While I usually root for the Three Lions, I can make an exception. Maybe even rustle up a classic Dalglish kit.

Div said...

Sounds good to me Joe.

Glad you have got your travelling plans back on track.