Friday, April 21, 2006

A Change Of Pace

Here's a little experiment.

I've been falling behind on my updating recently due to time constraints, so I thought I'd try to make use of my lunch half-hour at work to email in new posts to the blog. Starting now...

Last night I fired up yet another new site for the first time. Well, it was new to me. Doyle's Room is part of the Tribeca network - one of the few I've never played on before.

First impression was just wow! The software seems absolutely fine, but the standard of play is wild.

Last night I'd go as far as saying the players could give those on Party a run for their money in the LAG stakes. The variation from the rockish Crypto $1/2 LHE game was phenomenal.

Cold calling with any two cards. Three betting with 66 pre-flop. 20BB pots with guys showing down A-high. Amazing.

Of course I managed to donk off 15BB, as I struggled to reorient myself, and drop the post-flop aggression which can be rewarded on Crypto sites. It aint gonna work here unless you have the goods.

Four times I was dealt AQ. Four times I raised pre-flop and bet the (missed) flop. Every single time I lost to someone who either couldn't put down a baby pair, or who caught a piece of the flop.

Got some of it back on the fifth AQ, when I actually hit a Q and got paid off by yet another baby pair.

Missed opportunity was catching middle pair and the nut flush draw with ATs and jamming a 4-way pot, only to lose to the guy who cold called with AJ and made TPTK. That would have made me a winner for the evening. Sigh.

Going by first impressions, this has to be a long term ATM for me. These guys WILL pay off.

The Doyle's Room loyalty scheme uses Action Points. Never has there been a more appropriately named scheme, and I can't imagine it will take me too long to work off the very generous 110% sign-up bonus!

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