Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Summary

A very swift summary since I can't wait to get August out of the way.

In brief. I've been ill. I've played little. I've lost.

To be fair, not a traumatic amount - about $100. Primarily, and somewhat embarrassingly on the $1/$2 HORSE tables. I'm putting it down to variance on the whole since some of the beats really were of the ridiculous variety.

I had another crack at the Stars double shootouts tonight.

Lost one making a big raise all-in to several limpers from the BB with 22. Obviously I'm not wanting a caller here.

I knew I was in trouble when UTG called for 90% of his stack, and I was pretty much doomed when LP reraised all-in for a few more chips, and UTG inevitably called.

Picture my incredulity when the cards were on their backs. UTG limp-calls a 15BB raise with 33 and several players to act behind. LP limp-reraises all-in with KQo.

The flop had a king, the river a 3, and UTG was triumphant.

So, not a bad beat, but really, where do people learn to play like this?

Not that I'm exactly complaining - I just need to regress to ABC on these tables. Like the guy who made a massive all-in raise pre-flop with AA into several limpers, and got called by the mighty A8o. Nice work if you can get it.

The other game was so bad it was almost criminal. Our villain had already amassed some chips when he got into a confrontation with me. Calling from the BB after I raised.

On a K96 flop (two spades) we managed to get it all-in. Me with A9, he with 63. Not a spade between us. The 3 on the river was so predictable I'd already resigned myself before it arrived.

Well, I did say these players were bad! How bad? THIS bad


Yes, I was so pissed off by that beat, I raced over to Sharkscope to prove to myself just how stupid he was.

Very, as it turns out. Not that losing to a fish on 'Super Tilt' makes it any more bearable.

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