Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yay Poker

Had a much improved time on the HORSE tables last night; though still not as profitable as some of the reports I'm reading elsewhere.

There are some fundamental concepts that appear to elude people. Such as, in a split-pot game the objective is to scoop.

Hence the table captain was less than impressed when I rivered a gutshot straight with my low hand to scoop in Stud-8. What he didn't seem to pick up on was that with a made low on 5th, against his obvious made high but no low draw, I had a 2 card freeroll to the other half of the pot.

He reckoned one of us played 'terrible terrible terrible', and I agree.

After that I had another crack at some NLHE on Tribeca, and rapidly doubled through courtesy of a truly atrocious player who didn't reraise QQ pre-flop, didn't reraise when raised on a super low flop, gave a free card on the turn, and called my river bet having let me catch a backdoor flush.

He figured the only explanation for losing was that the site was rigged, and didn't shut up about it for the next 30 minutes. Though it didn't stop him continuing to play.

I then gave back most of my winnings with QQ v AA on another low flop.

The frustrating thing about that hand was I'd picked up a run of decent starting hands, raised, got called, and missed every flop - usually folding to a bet or raise.

So, when the button raised, I reraised, and we got into a raising war on the flop after he called the pre-flop reraise, I thought it was my LAG table image getting paid off. Little did I know!

I took that as a sign, and retired for the evening with another small profit.

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