Saturday, August 05, 2006

Has UK Poker Jumped The Shark?

Well, if the Dear Deirdre column in The Sun is any evidence, it hasn't so much jumped the shark, as performed a triple somersault with pike over the shark!

For those of you not in the know, Dear Deidre is The Sun agony aunt who, as well as solving numerous tales of woe such as unwanted pregnancies, cheating spouses, alcoholic kids, and premature ejaculators, also runs a photographic 'casebook' over several days.

Sadly they don't publish them online any more, so I'll summarise as the drama unfolds - perhaps with assistance from my scanner later.

On Day 1 this week, we discovered that our serious faced hero Barry is plying his leggy but a bit too skinny girlfriend Maxine with oodles of sexy lingerie - bought, he claims, with his extra earnings from overtime at work.

But Barry has a secret. He can't tell Maxine the true source of his lingerie funds!

On Day 2 we discover Barry's dark secret. While Maxine lies alone at home (in her lingerie of course) worrying about his whereabouts, Barry isn't in the pub, as he claimed, but settling down to a game of No Limit Texas Hold Em.

He's on a winning streak and feeling lucky tonight. What could Day 3 hold?

More soon....

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