Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is getting ridiculous. The story of my weekend....

Get KK. Raise. Everyone folds.

Get KK (on the very next hand at the same table!). Raise. Everyone folds.

Get QQ. Raise. Everyone folds.

Get AA. Raise. Everyone folds.

Get QQ. Raise. Get reraised from the blinds by a hyper aggressive bluff monkey with eye popping PokerTracker stats. Do exactly as the book says and go passive allowing him to bluff all his chips to you....with KK.

On the very last orbit, of the very last table, UTG+1, get AA. Raise. Get called by a loose passive middle stack. Bet the pot on a flushing flop. Get called. Set him all-in on a blank turn. He flopped a set of queens.

I've got some more interesting hands to ruminate over, but they'll need to wait til I can rustle up a clearer head. Time for another few days off I think.

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