Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's been a pretty crap week for a variety of reasons, so it's nice to approach what will be a big weekend in the Div household with some good news.

Way back in May last year, I mentioned a place called Dusk Till Dawn that was planned to open in Nottingham.

I reckoned it would be one of Europe's premier poker venues.

Sadly it almost fell victim to a case of blatant collusion and protectionism by some of the biggest operators of casinos in the UK.

This led to a lengthy delay to the opening as additional legal hurdles were cleared.

The delay must have cost Rob Yong millions, but the good news is the local magistrates saw sense, and with the full support of the UK Gambling Commission Dusk Till Dawn has received full legal clearance and is ready to open.

Forty five nine handed tables, a luxurious spec, high rollers room, and full hospitality. A little piece of Vegas in Nottingham.

Hell I've even heard there's a lap dancing club nearby!

The press release is here, and some pics of the club can be found here.

It's great to see the big boys turned over for once. The Glasgow boys are already plotting their first trip down.

I pinched the champagne cork picture from the DTD site as it seemed appropriate for what I'm expecting to be a very pleasant, but exhausting weekend.

K's sister is getting married, and E is a flower girl, for the second time this year.

First time around I was the parent with a role to play in the ceremony and K was left to keep the toddler in check.

This time I'm the one tasked with maintaining order. Confidently looking forward to a day of perpetual motion, occasional tantrums, but lots of joy and smiles....and possibly some booze.

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