Monday, September 10, 2007

Tipping Point

Decided to give the big screen a proper work out, by taking BlondePoker up to eight screens at the smaller table size tonight.

Ergonomically if worked fine, but I just found myself getting a bit overwhelmed by the pace, even after shutting down email, browsers, etc. and focusing on just the tables and some music.

Of course it doesn't help when you run Jacks into Kings blind v button, Tens into Jacks on a 9 high flop, etc. and to cap it all, finally get Aces v Kings, and the loon decides to slow play, and happily waits until the pot odds are perfect for threes-a-crowd Mr QJs to come along for the ride, before finding his reraise button and getting it all in on a nasty flop - which QJs duly hits. Grrrr.

Fortunately, being of a cautious persuasion, I'd dropped down a level and did actually manage to hit a couple of other hands, so the losses were relatively insignificant.

A few of the horror hands were also against shorties, which was a relief.

All the same, I've forgotten the last time I sat down, hit a few hands early, and didn't look back. It's all quite a grind at present. I hope the tide turns soon.

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