Saturday, September 01, 2007

Break Out the White Jumpsuit

I've been planning for a while to make it back to Vegas, and now it's pretty much official. Exact venue and travel plans yet to be finalised, but broadly speaking, the second week in October I will be raging (almost) solo in Vegas.

The last trip was a relatively cultured affair - me and K, trips to the Grand Canyon, one of the big Cirque de Soleil shows, lots of open jawed gaping at the sheer indulgence of the big resorts, The Killers at House of Blues, and quite a bit of sun.

We did fit in some gambling and drinking, but not on a truly epic scale.

This time I'm expecting a distinctly more lowbrow affair, albeit there's a few things I'd still like to tick off the Vegas to-do list.

The travel plans are turning into a bit of a gamble in themself.

Usually I aim to have these things fixed up well in advance, but the most direct route - Continental from Glasgow to Newark then onwards to Vegas - shot up in price just as I was planning to book.

Since then I've been tracking all sorts of obscure routings as the prices fluctuated up and down.

Right now I'm focusing in on MyTravel who fly direct from Manchester to Vegas (so no customs or immigration to clear in transit, but a crappy journey to Manchester) and who have been doing insane fly-drive deals. £199 for their most recent departures!

I did say it was an almost solo trip. I've already made plans to meet up with well known LA metrosexual, and man of many blogs, Joe Speaker, over the weekend of the 12th-14th October.

If anyone else is aiming to be in town round about then, don't be a stranger.

I'm regretting not making it for the December meet, especially as it's likely to be on the weekend of the Hatton v Mayweather fight, but work and family commitments mean the schedule doesn't work for me.

I'll sign off for now by inviting anyone reading this to raise a glass to K - the wife - who has sanctioned this trip, and who will be back home looking after the toddler while I'm pickling myself in JD and coke, and attempting to cover my costs at the tables.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the job description she signed up for seven years ago - let's hope I don't have to invoke the 'for richer or poorer' clause on my return!

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Joe Speaker said...

I'll take good care of him, K. Like Liverpool's back four mursing a one-goal lead.