Friday, January 07, 2005

The Masterplan

How to make $6000 in a year? Well, it may not always be pretty but it's definitely achievable.

Mainly I hope to make cash off the $5 10-seated NLH SnGs which are my staple game at present. My rolling average at present is a paid finish in approximately two thirds of the games I play, with a weighting toward 1st and 2nd paid places.

These games can be a real rollercoaster, three players all in within the first blinds level, people raising with hands I'd be mucking, but patience and careful hand selection generally pays dividends. Even so, the occasional bizarre call can be painful to experience. I console myself with the fact they'll be back for the next game.

For a bit of variation I like to play the occasional ring game of pot limit Hold Em, at the micro limits. I've made some profits at these games due to the passive nature of so many players. Most flops seen without a raise, yet if you hit the nuts and start betting, there are usually a few callers for the first few pot size raises at least.

I'm planning to branch out into some tournaments and maybe higher level SnGs as the year progresses. I'm not kidding myself that I'm a great player. I'm competent, and understand decent hand selection and position, but I've got plenty to learn.

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