Monday, January 24, 2005

Technical Troubles Update

Hats off to Pacific Poker! I got a pretty quick response from them, saying the problem was a Europe wide blip in internet access. That explains why some players stayed connected - I guess the US players took the paying places in the tournament I was in.

Anyway, they were very clear that the problem was outside their control and they were not liable for it. But as a gesture of goodwill all affected players would be refunded. So, I got a $6 credit on my account, which actually constitutes a 50c profit on the deal.

I reckon Pacific have about 200 SnG active at any one time, plus MTTs. So a LOT of buy ins must have been refunded.

Now, in the long term it's good business sense to take the hit and keep the players happy, but the speed of the response and the ease of refund is still pretty impressive. With the number of competing poker sites growing, it seems the customer is king.

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