Monday, January 10, 2005

Predictions 1 Poker Skills 0

Happy days. Not only did the forces of light triumph, but my prediction came spot on. Since when does missing a blatant penalty when the scores are level, and booking the wrong man when there's a players bust up, count as a great refereeing performance? If only the cards were as predictable as the Scottish media.

Speaking of which. The post match analysis also took in some constructive criticism of my recent SnG form. Even though I have been getting all my chips in while in most instances being way ahead, we decided I was probably over committing myself with too many all ins. There's no predicting on a rainbow flop that the next two cards will make a backdoor flush, or flukey trips, but when the turn comes the warning signs are often clear.

I've been playing like a boxer with a huge punch, but a glass chin. Most times I'm flattening my opponents when they leave a gap in their defence, but every so often a sneaky counterpunch knocks me out when I'm well ahead on points.

So, I'm going to back off from trying to push players out of decent pots when I know I am well ahead, and settle for trying to milk them on the turn and river, whilst keeping the exit door open.

I think this is a valid tactic against bad players, rather than good players, but I'll be keeping the big guns in reserve for when I reckon my opponent actually has a modicum of skill, and is capable of being pushed out of a drawing hand. This should reduce my variance and give me the chance to claw my way back after dodgy callers get lucky.

The other bonus from yesterday was a plan for a real life face-to-face game on Friday. An all too rare event due to the demands of having wives and children. Online playing is quick and convenient, but there's much more fun in sitting stony faced with the nut flush, as your opponents bets into you. I just love the sound of chips hitting the pot.

I'm not sure of the technicalities of home games in the UK, but I think they are legal. I'm absolutely certain the police have better things to do with their time than raid them if they aren't. I couldn't believe the stories I've been reading about raids on home games in Chicago and other US cities.

I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago last year, and had a brilliant time. I wholeheartedly recommended it to all my friends when I returned, but even so, I'm sure the local police could be more productively employed than going undercover to bust $20 buy-in card games.

If Chicago takes your fancy, try these guys for a really good (and free!!) guided tour.


Ignatious said...

wooohoo! a scottish poker blogger! welcome to the fold, sir, and i'll be linking you up shortly.

Div said...

Welcome and thanks Iggy.