Saturday, January 15, 2005

Party Poker Virginity Lost

So I finally decided to take the plunge at Party Poker, prompted by the urgings of Iggy and Grubby to get involved in the Bad Beat action. (Bonus code IGGY of course!)

Just to get my feet wet, I took $100 to a 2/4 table at 6.00 p.m., and by 6.42 p.m. when hunger pangs got the better of me, and I could hear the pizza calling my name, I was sitting with $144.75. 22BB in 42 minutes!

Realistically, I was being slapped about the face with good cards. My first ever live hand on Party was TT (lost to an 'Any Acer'), my fourth was AA (raised in front of me by a guy with KQ so I got a reraise in pre flop). The aces held up and a decent pot was mine.

Fix! I hear you cry. The newbie gets all the good cards. Well if that's the case the fix doesn't last long, cos I'm writing this during session two of the evening, where the other side of Party which I'd read about has kicked in. Gutshot straights and rivered flushes abound, so the variance is a bit higher and I'm only very slightly ahead.

On the plus side, I hit my luckiest ever flop. Sitting in the BB I checked my 84 and saw a flop of 448. Can't complain about that! I was praying for an ace or king to come on the turn and get me some action but everyone tightened up and I didn't make as much as I'd hoped from that one.

I laughed when a fellow player complained about pre flop raises, saying it was making it harder to play suited connectors to try to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot. I play the lottery twice a week, so I'm happy to play it a bit straighter on Party and stick to trying to win a few dollars.

I'm having fun so far. Not even trying to read other players, and just playing the cards, mostly super tight but throwing in the occasional silly hand just to see if I can get lucky and catch some action.

The jackpot meter has just passed $720,000 and is spinning like a dervish. There's gonna be a very happy table somewhere!


Ignatious said...

ty, if you did use bonus code iggy. :)

but regardless, best of luck on party...i hope you start off hot. looking forward to seeing how you do.

April said...

Enjoying your blog! Best of luck to you!

Div said...

Hi Iggy and April. Thanks for the comments. Best of luck to you too.