Sunday, January 23, 2005

Technical Troubles

Quite a busy weekend.

On the home front, I froze myself half to death at the Celtic v Motherwell game. A comfortable win for the lads, but not much in the way of entertainment. Scottish football is in a pretty bad way just now, due to lack of money and competition in the game. There's a big imbalance between the two largest teams and the rest. When there's no genuine competition, any sport would start to lose it's appeal.

I'm sure I'll go into this in more detail at some point in the future, but for now consider this fact. Celtic Park has a capacity of just over 60,000. The population of Glasgow is approximately 600,000. So more than 10% of the entire city population would fit into the team stadium.

I also got a replacement wiper for my car. I'll be a little more relaxed on the drive to work tomorrow. I wasn't sure how long my temporary repair would last.

Work has now commenced on the second phase of our house renovation. Mostly by my parents! They tell me they are coming down to do a few little things, and I get back from work to find they seem to have done a weeks worth in a day. Today I was mostly throwing out junk - unearthing 14 year old football fanzines that I haven't read since the week after I bought them. I wonder if they are worth anything now? I'll check eBay before I bin them.

I've been busy on the poker front too. I set up Poker Tracker last week, and on Friday tried it with Gametime+ for the first time. Bloody hell! Now I know how fighter pilots felt when someone invented the head up display. If you haven't tried it yet, I'd thoroughly recommend it. Again, I feel a more specific post coming along later....

I played a few SnG too on Friday. Managed my first win in a few days - despite my brother calling from Australia and distracting me. Obviously he is lucky. I told him to call more often!!

Today I was trying to maintain my return to form. Sitting on a decent chipstack with seven players left in a Pacific Poker SnG, when I noticed two players disconnect in quick succession. That's odd, I thought. About 2 seconds before I disconnected too.

I tried and failed to reconnect, though my internet connection was fine(1 Meg Cable). Eventually I got back in, to find I was down to the shortstack of the last four and had just been dealt 99. Rather flustered, I called and the BB reraised me all in. I called again and he flipped AK and flopped two pair. Bye bye SnG!!

I checked the game history and it seemed 4 of 7 players disconnected and the others kept playing. I'm waiting to hear from Pacific whether I get a refund. It's only $5.50 but there's a principle at stake!

I also set up a Neteller account this weekend. I'm planning to do some bonus whoring when I get the time, so I needed a way to shuffle money around quickly. So, Poker Tracker, Gametime+, Neteller, and the advice of Sklansky, McEvoy, and some quality bloggers. Lock'n'load, I'm ready for action!!!

Thanks for the comments on the other threads. Nice to know some people are reading. Would be a bit like a tree falling in a deserted forest otherwise.

Finally, I've had a few moans about bad beats recently. So I'll present the other side of the coin here. No idea what these guys had, and I sure didn't like the flop, but not a bad pot to take with A high. I think this is my first successful semi bluff on Party!

***** Hand History for Game 1481326698 *****
$2/$4 Hold'em - Sunday, January 23, 18:07:26 EDT 2005
Table Table 24987 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: ahstream ( $116 )
Seat 2: BigBMH48 ( $98.5 )
Seat 3: htp007 ( $77.5 )
Seat 5: Daytradern ( $126 )
Seat 6: swampfoot ( $123 )
Seat 7: rwats153 ( $97.5 )
Seat 8: skrogg ( $136 )
Seat 10: EonBlue ( $109 )
Seat 4: Div1970 ( $110.5 )
Seat 9: joeminer90 ( $92 )
rwats153 posts small blind [$1].
skrogg posts big blind [$2].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Div1970 [ As Jh ]
joeminer90 folds.
EonBlue calls [$2].
ahstream folds.
BigBMH48 folds.
htp007 calls [$2].
Div1970 raises [$4].
Daytradern folds.
rwats153 calls [$3].
skrogg calls [$2].
EonBlue calls [$2].
htp007 calls [$2].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 8h, Qs, 9d ]
rwats153 checks.
skrogg checks.
EonBlue checks.
htp007 checks.
Div1970 bets [$2].
rwats153 calls [$2].
skrogg calls [$2].
EonBlue calls [$2].
htp007 calls [$2].
** Dealing Turn ** [ Qc ]
rwats153 checks.
skrogg checks.
EonBlue checks.
htp007 bets [$4].
Div1970 raises [$8].
rwats153 folds.
skrogg folds.
EonBlue folds.
htp007 folds.
Div1970 does not show cards.
Div1970 wins $40.5

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