Monday, February 28, 2005

February Summary

February was a good month.

Winter in Scotland is not really conducive to outdoor activities. Too wet and windy for any sort of walking or game playing, and not sufficiently cold to produce enough snow for skiing.

Having a pregnant wife does not encourage lots of social activities either. There's only so many nights of drunken behavior she can tolerate, and her bedtime moves earlier each night, as the baby grows.

So, I played a lot of poker...

I worked off the Gaming Club bonus, and pretty much broke even on the tables, but the $300 bonus put me well into the black.

I played a few SnGs on Pacific Poker and made a small profit - though I continue to be a Bad Beat magnet on this site. Some of the play is quite abysmal but I really need to learn how to minimise my exposure to runner-runner atrocities.

Then along came the Party Poker reload bonus. I poured my entire Neteller reserve of $500 into Party, to qualify for a $100 bonus. My previous post covered the weekend frenzy. Suffice to say I emerged with $1000 in the Party account. $400 cards profit, $100 bonus profit.

I know Iggy has said it many times, but just to reinforce the point - Party Poker is a goldmine for anyone with an ounce of poker skill. I've only been playing poker for six months, yet I can comfortably play two tables on Party - it would be more if I had a bigger monitor - and hook my fair share of fish. If you are running Poker Tracker and Gametime+, so much the better.

In between, I've also had a few nibbles at the Full Tilt Poker bonus. Though as Scurvydog said, I could be a long time working it off.

By this evening, I'd accumulated a monthly profit of over $800. This takes the year-to-date total to over $1100, putting me back on track for the targeted $6000 annual profit.

I'm fairly pleased with this performance, and it certainly makes it a lot easier justifying to Mrs Div the time spent in front of the computer.

For next month I'm expecting more of the same. As I've mentioned previously, playing with a bonus underpinning your performance is highly beneficial, and I intend to continue to leverage that advantage.

I'll keep chipping away at the Full Tilt bonus, but I am now also putting myself on the market....If anyone reading this is an affiliate for sites I don't play on, and you want to add me as a new customer, drop me a line and I might sign up through your affiliate link. Sites I'd be particularly interested in are the Party skins, but I'd consider others too.

I'm making no promises. First come, first served and I only have a finite amount of cash and time to invest. Either post a comment with a link to your homepage, or drop me a line at the address on my profile and I'll see what I can do.

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