Tuesday, February 15, 2005

St Valentines Day Massacre

Well it's been an expensive few days in more ways than one.

I played the ostentation card yesterday and went for the full-blown dozen red roses delivered to work option. Not subtle. Not cheap. But very effective. Mucho brownie points and a free pass to late night poker sessions over the next few days at least.

I've come to the conclusion that while women may claim all they want is love, affection and a good sense of humour, what they really thrive on is very obvious displays of the above, and more. I already look like George Clooney so she can't complain about that.

It seems to me as a group women are much more competitive than men, and rarely more so than on St Valentines Day. Weddings probably trump it though.

Biggest card, prettiest flowers, most expensive restaurant. They do like to compare gifts - and flaunt them when they get the chance. This is probably why they prefer flowers to underwear. Sitting on the train home with a HUGE bunch of roses is much more rewarding than sitting on the train home in $200 worth of Agent Provocateur lingerie, because it can't be seen.

I did try to claw back some of my expenditure last night at the 2/4 tables, but it wasn't to be. I've been playing super tight recently, and when that's the strategy, you really need the big hands to pay off. What you don't need is:

1. Holding KK v AA (2nd time in a week)
2. Holding QQ v 44 and the opponent calls your raise, calls your bet on the flop and hits a set on the turn.

There were a couple of other hands I should have laid down, but didn't, because I refused to believe I could be so unlucky. Notably a free flop from the BB where I caught trip sixes, only to see kings pair on the turn to give someone a bigger full house. I pretty much KNEW they had it, but couldn't let go.

Also, holding 99 and seeing a flop of AT8, turning a straight draw (J) and getting a free card to hit the straight on the river (7), only to discover he hit the gutshot nut straight on the turn with KQ, and had gone for a check raise. So it wasn't supposed to be a free card, but now he can reraise, and I've got to call, even though I have a horrible feeling about it.

I don't think there was much wrong with my pre-flop play, but post-flop has a lot of improving to do. I wish Prima would get their card history sorted, so I can run Poker Tracker on the hands I've played this month.

On the positive side, I did take copious amounts of notes, spotted a few tricky players to avoid, and also singled out several fish. Just didn't have the ammo to nail them last night. One guy in particular was highly amusing - any Ace was a raising hand, any suited cards were a calling hand. He was on quite a hot streak, and one of the tricky guys completely lost it. 'You ******* fish. You total idiot.' Made me laugh, but I was glad he didn't scare him away.

The other -EV for me this week was collecting my repaired car, which is now restored to its former mundanity. At least the crash damage gave it some character. What wasn't restored were the windscreen wipers, which have ceased to function. When I pointed this out, the guy told me there was no crash damage to them so they weren't included in the repair.

Now, I'm no mechanic, but when they work pre-crash, don't work post-crash, that suggests to me the crash damaged them. He then told me I'd need to pay for an electrician to check the car if I wanted them fixed. I asked him who wired in both headlamps, and who fixed my jammed on brake lights, if not an electrician, and he just shrugged.

When I googled the company name before the car went in, the only story I found about them was a sexual harassment case against one of the managers. Now if anyone else googles for them, they'll see that Bennetts Car Body Repairs in Scotland are a bunch of cowboys - horny cowboys too by the sound of things.

Speaking of googling. My cunning Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera plan has not yet kicked in, but the Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield fans have me in their sights, as I mentioned earlier. Welcome, one and all.

One thing in this post is an obvious lie

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