Sunday, February 27, 2005

Happy Days

A most productive weekend. Not only did I finally get around to repairing my laptop, thus paving the way for a wireless network in the house - OF COURSE I need a desktop, laptop and Linux server in their house - but I also had a great time at the Party Poker 2/4 tables working off the reload bonus.

My profit for the weekend stands at $350 from the cards, and $100 from the bonus. Now I know this counts as a single decent NL hand to the likes of DoubleAs, but to a limit grinder like me that's damn good going.

Most noteworthy was a maniacal Saturday night session on a table which simply redefined the principles of poker. Ever been raised by K3o in mid position? Ever seen the betting capped pre-flop yet four people still reach showdown, one with J-high and no busted draw? $93 pots in a 2/4 game?

Some of the play was so bad you had to laugh. Of course with play so bad, the suckouts were inevitable. AA beat by 43o, AA and KK cracked by Q9o, the practical impossibility of winning with KK or QQ, but it just didn't matter, and when the Aces held up, the pots were substantial.

I had attained a zen like state of calm, where no opponents play was beyond acceptance. I'd smile benignly as my bankroll stuttered downwards after each suckout, then recommenced a steady progression northwards. The maniacal session ended with a BB/100 hands of 32. Another shorter session hit 38!!

Trust me comrades, Iggy speaks the truth. Party Poker is the pathway to early retirement. (Bonus Code: DIV1970)

The only galling thing was folding a couple of reasonable pre-flop hands to idiotic raises, when on the flop they would have become monsters. For example, A6s pre-flop would have become the nut flush on the turn, and a low pocket pair would have progressed to a set then a boat.

This happened a few times soon after joining the maniac table, and as the night progressed, I adapted by loosening my calling standards and it paid off. If I'd adapted sooner, I'd have won another $150 or so, but probably bled a chunk of that away in missed flops.

I take it as a good sign that I was able to adapt to a noticeably different table, and alter my style accordingly. That's progress in my eyes - a step beyond ABC.

It's late on Sunday night now, and time to head for bed.

Most of my posts are bashed out either during or just after poker sessions, and I often think when I read them back later that I could have expressed myself better. The resurrection of the laptop should give me the chance to do some writing during the day, and put together some better crafted posts.

I've got quite a few poker related, but in a more tangential manner, thoughts buzzing around in my head, so hopefully I will soon be able to share them with you. I bet you can hardly contain yourselves!

Be lucky.

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