Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Shall Never Be Defeated

I hate losing. I really do. Especially to idiots. I'll take the pain, if it means they see no gain.

Take last night for example. Gaming Club $1/$2 limit table. Buy in for $50, play for a while, lose $40 on a succession of runner-runner beatings. Bring another $50 to the table, just in case I get dealt AA next hand. Lose another $30.

Then, pocket Hiltons. Another Q on the flop. Plenty callers, the board pairs for a FH, and some cash back. Two hands later, pocket Hiltons, paired board on flop, another Q on the turn for another FH. Superb! God bless those girls. A few more good, but less noteworthy, hands follow.

I've now been playing for about four hours, for a loss of about $25. At this point I decide, I am not leaving this table until I am showing a profit.

An hour later (3a.m.) I am within sight of victory. $92 in hand, more than $10 on the table, and I'm holding top pair with a good kicker, and I'm sure I'm ahead. So I bet. One guy calls. Turn is a 5. Still sure I'm ahead. So I bet, and he calls. River is a 5. And he turns over 54o for runner-runner trips. Aaarghh.

I am shattered. But I am NOT giving up, even as another run of bad cards sees the target creeping away from me for a while. But I make it, at around 4.15a.m., and retire to bed satisfied. Having updated my spreadsheet with a $1 profit.


ScurvyDog said...

That sounds hauntingly familiar, as I sit here wrestling with the Empire reloads. It's like there's some gnome at Empire headquarters, distributing just enough ridiculous beats to keep me at exactly the dead even mark (counting the eventual bonus), grinning maliciously.

Div said...

I don't count the bonus in the nightly profit so I am actually ahead for the weekend when the bonuses are included.

I did the same thing again last night at a 2/4 table. Went from around $90 down to $1 ahead, then quit with a "profit" on the board.