Friday, February 11, 2005

Of Britney, Christina, and the Power Of The Blogger

I was reading doubleas post about how hermaphrodite seekers were flocking to his blog, when a nasty, cynical attention seeking thought possessed me.

So I googled for most popular internet searches and discovered:

Popular Queries 2004
1. britney spears
2. paris hilton
3. christina aguilera
4. pamela anderson
5. chat
6. games
7. carmen electra
8. orlando bloom
9. harry potter
10. mp3

What a horny, hedonistic bunch internet users are!!

It did occur to me that if I were to write some sort of outrageous post about (deep breath) Britney Spears and Paris Hilton being videotaped having wild lesbian sex, while Christina Aguilera snorted cocaine off Pamela Anderson's plastic surgery enhanced breasts, as Carmen Electra and Orlando Bloom chatted during a heads up Texas Hold' Em poker game, and Harry Potter listened to his MP3 player, it might attract a few visitors. But that's just silly, so I discounted the idea.

I also found the following on AOL Hot Searches!

Behold the power of doubleas Posted by Hello

In other news, I recovered most of my Tuesday losses on the limit tables, and played the Gaming Club rookie freeroll. It's actually a pretty damn good offer for new players. I registered after they emailed me, but hadn't paid much attention to the prizes, until I logged in just before the start.

Under 500 players, and first 50 places paid, starting at $12.50 and rising to $100 for 10th and $550 for the winner!! Bloody hell, time to concentrate.

Of course I managed to get knocked out around 200th. Didn't get many cards early on, and as the blinds rose I was looking for a chance to double through. It came when I flopped two pair, but all hearts on the board. I check raised all-in against a deeper stack who called me and drew a 4th heart to make his one card flush.

I should probably have went all in before he acted, to drive him out before he put more chips in and got too attached to the pot, but you live and learn.


Anonymous said...

*chuckling* - aha moment - may have to restructure how I post, hummm....

maudie said...

that's my comment - sorry didn't know I hit the anon button

Div said...

Hi Maudie

Better an anonymous comment than no comment. Thanks for dropping by.