Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Show Me The Money

OK. I know some people don't approve of it, but every penny counts. So I'm sticking some affiliate links on the site.

To be fair, I do have an eye for a bargain, and these are all sites I play at, so there are good deals in this lot.

The most obvious, immediate deal is the stonking Full Tilt Poker 100% to $600 dollar sign up deal that runs for the rest of the month. Who can refuse that!? Grab it now and work it off over 120 days. I signed up just for this, so I'll see you there over the next month or two!!

Other than that, The Gaming Club deal, which I'm currently grinding my way through, is a worthwhile investment. Deposit $20 to become eligible for $300 in bonus. Paid in $20 instalments as you work the hands off.

I've also got the standard Party Poker and Pacific Poker offers. Everyone knows by now what Party is like, so no explanation needed. Bring your own rod!

Pacific software is pretty poor, but the players are similar to Party, though probably more passive. Lots of loose calling. Lots of unraised flops.

The other oddity about Pacific is they deposit bonuses straight into your account, as soon as you deposit the cash. So, as it's a 25% to $100 offer, stick in $400 and see $500 in your account. You have to wager 20 times the bonus before you can cash out the money, but it's available to gamble with immediately, and if you play at higher levels that means a lot less hands to play.

You can find me on all these sites as 'Div' or 'Div1970'. So if you are a terrible player, sign up, come find me, and lose all your cash to a deserving cause. If you are a good player, sign up and play. I'm safe from you, since you won't be on the same limits as me for sure!!

So, expect to see a few banners soon, and other than that I'll say no more, unless it's in context for something else I've written!

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