Saturday, February 12, 2005

Getting Better

Another home game last night. This one was faster moving than the previous week.

We fine tuned the blind structure to move things along a little quicker, and had six players playing rather than eight. First two places paid.

I am beginning to excel at the art of finding new ways to lose games. My nemesis last night was Rod, who cracked my QQ with 96s (flopped two pair); cracked my low end straight with a higher straight; and finally, the most painful of all, I'm all in holding QJ on a J high flop, Rod calls with a pair of 7s (one in hand, one on flop) and rivers a 7 for trips.

When the turn card was a blank one of the other guys said 'all that can beat you now is a seven Div'; just as the river was dealt. Yeah, thanks.

It reminded me of the TV game from a while back where Josh Arieh was crying after going out to some unlikely card. I can't remember the exact details but I can recall the commentator screaming something along the lines 'all that can beat him now is a queen...ITS A QUEEEEENNNN!!!' I managed to hold back the tears and we shook hands.

I made one major mistake, trying to slowplay aces, when I let the BB see a free flop and he hit a straight!

We played three games. I finished fourth in the first game and second twice. So at least I made a small profit. More importantly, it was another great night. I think the standard of play is improving with each game. Long may it continue, though I wish my hangover would go away!

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